Center for Media at Risk – Launch Symposium

Annenberg School of Communication


"What is Media at Risk?" is a cross-disciplinary conference bringing together media practitioners, media scholars and media assist organizations to define what "media at risk" means globally in circumstances of political intimidation and what can be done to resist it.

Given the proliferating nature of creeping authoritarianism around the world, these efforts will help highlight Penn’s mission to explain more fully what political intimidation in the media – in documentary, journalism, entertainment and the digital environment – looks like worldwide. For more information, visit

Center for Media at Risk

Towards a Free and Critical Media Environment

The Center for Media at Risk is devoted to fostering free and critical media practice and scholarship. Political intimidation threatens media practitioners worldwide, while disinformation campaigns destabilize public trust in an unprecedented fashion. The Center will provide a global hub for practical and scholarly strategizing in response to the threatening political conditions that currently undermine the global media environment. Understanding how media practitioners work under threatening political conditions—from explicit totalitarian regimes to circumstances of creeping authoritarianism—rests at the core of the university’s mission.

The Center for Media at Risk will provide the educational tools necessary for identifying the changing parameters of political intimidation across the global media landscape.